With the media full of doom and gloom, experts predicting economic armageddon, and companies around us laying off staff, it is your challenge as an event organizer to find the business keynote who will enlighten and inspire an audience to see things differently. One of the worldʼs most-quoted global macroeconomists, David Hale delivers extraordinary presentations that are comprehensive, yet actionable; rich with detail but concise and candid. In 1990 the New York chapter of the National Association of Business Economists conferred upon David Hale the annual William F. Butler Award for distinction as a business economist. Other recipients include Paul Volker, Alan Greenspan, and Paul Krugman.IISS event 2011_2 David Hale is a member of the Presidentʼs Circle of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs; Academic Advisory Board of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago; Competitive Markets Advisory Council of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group); Council on Foreign Relations; National Association of Business Economists; New York Society of Security Analysts; Japan America Society, and Australian-American Leadership Dialogue. A renowned speaker who has addressed audiences at high-powered events, such as the World Economic Forum, the Federal Reserve Conference at Jackson Hole, and the Indaba Mining Conference in South Africa, David Hale brings an entertaining and insightful perspective on critical issues.

Where in the world has David Hale spoken?

Industry Conferences

Having testified before Congressional committees on US domestic and international economic policy issues, participated in briefings with senior officials in the executive branch of government, the US Federal Reserve, US Treasury, US Department of Defense, with foreign governments and international non-governmental organizations, David Hale brings an unequalled kudos to your industry or trade association event, and a valuable networking opportunity for your delegates. David Hale, global economic advisor to presidents and prime ministers, chairmen and chief executives of the world’s leading organizations, has an unequalled reputation as a dynamic and engaging speaker on one of the toughest but most significant subjects: what’s next for the global economy?

Company Conferences

Volatile equity markets, investment gloom, job losses, downward pressure on profits and increased pressure on employees to make their numbers impacts their ability to do so. In such a difficult economic climate, it is more important than ever that your people are motivated, that they understand the challenges but have a grasp of the opportunities. What David Hale offers as a speaker is the sharing of critical thinking. He empowers opportunistic strategies and brings to companies an edge, a secret weapon. That secret weapon is not information, it is understanding. Optimistic, and with an unparalleled forecasting record, your business will be reinvigorated and energized with economics!

Client Briefings

David Hale is available to your management team and key clients for private briefings on the global economy or specific topics of your own choosing.