Relevant, comprehensive qualitative economic research is essential to all participants in the global market. Whether you are importing from India, entering the Chinese market, invested in currencies, dependent upon government contracts, or seeking ideas on where to invest next, knowledge is power.

Already inundated with information, you really donʼt need a lot of research, you just need the right research. You donʼt need reams of paper every month, you need meaningful, high quality research for whatʼs important, when it matters. You want to know what other’s don’t.

David Hale Global Economics does not rely on computer programs; it does not use predictive software or algorithms; nor does it indulge in trying to apply logic to something as complex and dynamic as the global economy. Why? Because our research is founded not on news analysis after the fact, but in face-to-face conversations with the people creating headlines, making news, moving markets. Before it happens.

Because the global economy is neither sterile nor static. It is messy. It is a constantly evolving and moving mass of decisions and responses and consequences, made by politically charged, emotional and sometimes irrational people. It is at its heart, human.

For any one research report, David Hale can visit four cities in three countries over nine days, for a total of 55 meetings, an average of 44 hours travel time and seven airline connections.

David Hale Global Economics is about what, but it is also about who, it is about when, and most importantly, it is about why.

With a decades-long renowned economic forecasting track record, David Hale brings to global economic research an encyclopedic knowledge of world markets and superior insight drawn from the unique perspective of the inner sanctum of public policy, sovereign goals and personal agendas.

Significant investment decisions still need to be made in volatile equity markets, growth strategies still need to be developed in times of uncertainty. With David Hale Global Economics subscription research, you can have peace of mind that your decisions were made with the most accurate picture of the current state and near-term outlook for the global economy possible, and as it pertains to your industry.


Our Research Product

As a David Hale Global Economics research subscriber, you will have access to the expert macro economic analysis and forecasts for which David Hale is renowned.  Every 6-8 weeks, we publish a global forecast which combines a succinct presentation of events and trends in major markets around the world, with easy-to-absorb charts illustrating our data gleaned from sources worldwide.

We provide country-specific research focused on trade, fiscal and monetary policy, natural resources and asset markets, explaining mission-critical economic data on these topics from Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the United States.

David Hale Global Economics also produces in-depth industry and issue-specific research reports on subjects determined to be of relevance to global asset managers, risk managers and investors, resources and financial services industry leaders and policy makers. This research on a variety or topics, including (but not limited to) global outlook for financial services and resources sectors, through currency and central bank decisions, emerging markets and commodities, trade and political issues.

There are regular bulletins anchored by US Federal Reserve or foreign central bank actions, but only where those actions provide a reason for discussion. It is David Haleʼs insight and judgment that makes this information compelling and relevant for you in your decision- making.

Annual subscription gives full access to online resources with research notifications delivered via email. More than one subscriber?  Please contact us for information about institutional subscriptions, which include conference calls, on-site presentations, and direct access to David Hale and our team of experts.

In addition to the quality and specificity of information, David Hale Global Economics distinguishes itself in its subscription research by being selective in what information is sent directly to you as a client, what is retained on the web archive for your exclusive access, and what is shared with the media. Custom research is also undertaken for our strategic advisory clients.

As a subscriber, you have access to it all, but we deliberately do not overwhelm you with information; we do not publish on a timetable to meet a timetable, but to provide timely insight, as it is relevant; as it is worthwhile as events warrant.

David Hale on the Web

With David Hale on the web, David Hale Global Economics’ clients can now enjoy access to our online library of reports, our blog which provides real-time analysis on key global economic developments, browse through an archive of video appearances, podcasts, and conference calls, and enjoy pictures and videos from events over the years.  Utilizing our integrated search and  timeline feature demonstrates how many times he wrote about China for example, over the past thirty years.

Looking at our past research highlights David’s excellent forecasting record. These archives, which include the entire span of his research career, demonstrate his panoramic view of world economic conditions and knowledge of economic history, as well as  how past events relate to current conditions and market events.