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Ongoing weakness within housing and the public sector make the recent strong job gains unlikely to be sustained.

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Fiscal policy concerns are dominating the discussion in the US and Europe.

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Inflation concerns arise in China as oil price risks bubble up throughout the world because of the Arab Spring.

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Robust commodity prices, Chinese interest, and improved political governance have helped drive a strong growth rate in Sub-Saharan Africa during recent years.

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Strong growth is expected around the world, but many risks still remain.

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A strong profits forecast during 2011 should help sustain the equity market rally during the year.

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European and Japanese economic performances diverged during 2010.

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The Fed is once again engaging in expansionary monetary policy as the PBOC shifts its focus to containing inflation.

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As fundamental factors improve in Sub-Saharan Africa, so does optimism about the outlook for equity markets in the region.

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China and the US should sustain relatively good growth, but Europe's and Japan's prospects are less bright.

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As US growth is poised to accelerate and Europe shows signs of renewed strength, Chinese growth begins to climb down from double-digit rates.

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Growth is bouncing back strongly in 2010, led by developing economies.

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Subdued growth in the US and Europe should put off any discussions of material monetary tightening for some time to come.