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Europe is headed towards a new recession as US and Japanese growth stabilizes in positive, if uninspiring, territory.

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If the periphery decides that deleveraging and disinflationary--or deflationary--conditions is too high a cost to regain competitiveness, they could leave the EMU.

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The large number of thorny issues that need to be resolved ensures that the likelihood of a disappointing outcome from the EMU summit is higher than currently thought.

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The US will avoid a new recession, but Europe will not be so lucky.

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Uncertainty is running rampant across almost every region of the world during the third quarter.

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Despite hopes for an announcement of a new round of quantitative easing, Ben Bernanke is unlikely to make such an announcement at the upcoming Jackson Hole conference.

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The US, China, and Japan are growing swiftly while turbulence emerges in Europe.

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The intractability of both Republicans and Democrats on the fiscal cliff is increasing the likelihood of an impasse that could lead to a drop in output in the US economy.

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Government policies are increasing the risk level across most major economies.

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Small businesses and state and local governments continue to drag down job growth in mid-2011.

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The US economy will be forced to endure the most severe fiscal consolidation in six decades in 2012 if Congress does not take action to avert the looming crisis.

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Lull in US growth should prove temporary.

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Canada's outperformance of the US economy during the past three years is owed in large part to its avoidance of the excesses that plagued the US in the pre-GFC era.