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Global Forecast-August-Will Global Monetary Policy Continue to Support Equity Markets - Thumb 1
12 pages

Weakness in Europe and Japan is increasing the likelihood that monetary policy will be eased further in both areas in the coming months.

How Weak Job Creation and Wage Growth Constrained This Recovery - Thumb 1
20 pages

This recovery has been marked by its poor quality of job creation which has held down wages and growth compared to previous recoveries.

The Outlook for the Canadian Economy - Thumb 1
8 pages

Despite weak employment and output growth, the outlook for the Canadian economy is reasonably solid.

Predictions for the Second Half of 2014 - Thumb 1
6 pages

Growth will rebound in China after the first quarter despite housing market weakness.

The US Will Have a V-Shaped Recovery during the Second Quarter-June Global Forecast 2014-r - Thumb 1
19 pages

The US economy will bounce back during the second quarter due to strong employment gains and confident businesses.

Special Report-The Transformation of the US Labor Force and Its Implications for Consumption - Thumb 1
15 pages

The recent evolution of the US labor force could result in a lower consumption growth environment if certain trends are not reversed.

25 minutes

Although fears of a military confrontation in Crimea or the Ukraine have eased since Russia’s initial intrusion, political developments have accelerated.

Can Africas Economic Takeoff Be Sustained - Thumb 1
15 pages

African growth is being powered by increased commodity output, improved political governance, and a rising middle class

Global Forecast-April-US & Europe Recover, but Asian Risks Linger - Thumb 1
24 pages

Concerns about the potential contagion effects of a weak real estate market in China are coming to the forefront.

The End of Unconventional Monetary Policy - Thumb 1
11 pages

The US and UK are winding down unconventional monetary policies as Japan is set to ramp up such policies during the years ahead.

The Ukraine Crisis - Thumb 1
7 pages

Mr. Putin's actions in Crimea produced short-term benefits for Russia, but will carry far larger costs over the long term.

2014_In-Depth Report_Chinas New Dream-DHGE-ASPI - Thumb 1
40 pages

China's rise is forcing advanced and developing economies to reconsider their economic and geopolitical orientations.

35 minutes

JANUARY GLOBAL FORECAST-Will Strong Growth Set the Stage for the End of Unconventional Monetary Policy?_2014 - Thumb 1
29 pages

Growth will improve in advanced economies during 2014 as developing countries will be forced to address long-simmering issues.