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The Canadian and US Economies Diverge July 2015 - Thumb 1
6 pages

The New Normal June 2015 - Thumb 1
34 pages

Federal Reserve Policy in Flux June 2015 - Thumb 1
4 pages

The China Outlook June 2015 - Thumb 1
11 pages

May 2015 Forecast - Thumb 1
15 pages

March 2015 Japan Report - Thumb 1
6 pages

Will Iran Become A Successful Emerging Market - Thumb 1
5 pages

The Risk of a Currency War-February Report 2015 - Thumb 1
15 pages

As central banks cut interest rates, the risk of a currency war has increased.

Fifteen Predictions for 2015 - Thumb 1
11 pages

This report explores what major developments are likely to occur in 2015.

DHGE 2015 Annual Forecast-Central Banks Remain Dovish in 2015 - Thumb 1
16 pages

The US stands alone as a source of strength among major economies heading into 2015.

Fourth Quarter Survey of the Developed Economies-The US Continues to Outperform - Thumb 1
8 pages

The recent trend of strong growth in the US and weakness in Europe and Japan persisted during the third quarter.

How Energy Policy Is Boosting the US, but Harming Growth in Europe and Japan - Thumb 1
19 pages

Energy policy and market dynamics have provided a tailwind to US growth while serving as headwinds to growth in Europe and Japan

Why This Recovery Has Been So Weak Despite Capital Expenditures Being So Strong - Thumb 1
16 pages

Household consumption and government spending have dragged down this recovery even though business capital spending has been surprisingly strong.

Global Forecast-September-Global Monetary Policy Remains Accommodative - Thumb 1
15 pages

Growth weakness in most major economies is ensuring that global monetary policy will be accommodative for quite some time

Infrastructure as an Investment-Global Risks and Returns - Thumb 1
55 pages

Infrastructure investment will continue to be a growth sector in the coming decades, with the private sector playing a larger role