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The increasing affluence of emerging markets is forcing a reshuffling of the traditional global economic order.

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Despite a raft of weak economic indicators in recent months, a variety of underlying trends will prevent the US economy from falling back into another recession.

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East Asia and Australia are bucking broader weakness prevailing throughout the major economic actors in the global economy.

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Europe is finding it increasingly hard to extricate itself from its debt crisis and poor growth performance.

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Gains in the health care and business services sector will drive employment growth in the US during this recovery.

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The Canadian economy has outperformed the US economy during recent years and should continue to do so going forward.

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Japanese monetary policy could be significantly easier while the Fed could avoid a third round of quantitative easing provided certain events occur.

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Sentiment about the US economy is improving as concerns about the European economy grow larger.

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Sub-Saharan Africa's improved growth performance is being driven by much more than just commodity prices

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The Chinese economy will experience a soft landing during the year ahead while US growth should accelerate.

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The increasing prominence of China in global commodity markets is forcing traditional powers to answer difficult questions.

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US and Japanese growth should accelerate during 2012 while it is expected to decelerate and decline in China and Europe, respectively.

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Europe is headed towards a new recession as US and Japanese growth stabilizes in positive, if uninspiring, territory.

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If the periphery decides that deleveraging and disinflationary--or deflationary--conditions is too high a cost to regain competitiveness, they could leave the EMU.

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The US will avoid a new recession, but Europe will not be so lucky.