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The US economy will bounce back during the second quarter due to strong employment gains and confident businesses.

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The recent evolution of the US labor force could result in a lower consumption growth environment if certain trends are not reversed.

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African growth is being powered by increased commodity output, improved political governance, and a rising middle class

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Concerns about the potential contagion effects of a weak real estate market in China are coming to the forefront.

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The US and UK are winding down unconventional monetary policies as Japan is set to ramp up such policies during the years ahead.

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Mr. Putin's actions in Crimea produced short-term benefits for Russia, but will carry far larger costs over the long term.

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China's rise is forcing advanced and developing economies to reconsider their economic and geopolitical orientations.

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Growth will improve in advanced economies during 2014 as developing countries will be forced to address long-simmering issues.

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Fourteen predictions for developments in the global economy during 2014 that are not adequately priced into the marketplace.

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Stronger-than-expected job gains have made it more likely than not that the Fed will start tapering QE3 at its next meeting.

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After surprising markets by deferring the decision to taper its QE3 program, weak economic data could mean that the Fed won't start the process until early 2014.

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Australian growth will need to be driven by consumption as it transitions from being led by mining during the past half-decade to being led by exports later this decade.

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Emerging market countries that run current account and fiscal deficits are at risk of capital outflows in response to Fed measures that reduce liquidity in the market.

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It looks increasingly likely that the Eurozone's recent return to growth will be sustained going forward.

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Nigeria's strong recent growth performance is likely to receive a further boost from an upcoming privatization of its energy sector.