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A strong profits forecast during 2011 should help sustain the equity market rally during the year.

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As fundamental factors improve in Sub-Saharan Africa, so does optimism about the outlook for equity markets in the region.

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Subdued growth in the US and Europe should put off any discussions of material monetary tightening for some time to come.

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While price fluctuations are inevitable, the return of central bank demand for gold, led by China, will ensure that the price of gold remains elevated for many years.

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The dawning realization of the full extent of Greece's debt burden has spooked financial markets and begun a new chapter in the Global Financial Crisis.

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Robust consumption and the ongoing deepening of trade ties with China are powering the strong rebound in Brazilian growth in 2010.

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A broad-based recovery in the Canadian economy has been welcomed by domestic officials, but the strong currency has emerged as a threat to exports.

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As a result of the excesses prior to the Global Financial Crisis, Greece will need to endure many years of painful austerity in order to stay in the monetary union.

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Regardless of the composition of the next UK government, harsh fiscal austerity is inevitable.

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The combined insights of two leading independent economic consultancies.

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Following decades of subpar performance, the global commodity cycle has pushed Sub-Saharan Africa onto a stronger growth path.

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Tim Geithner's proposals will prevent the reoccurrence of another Lehman Brothers-type catastrophe.

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Despite the Canadian financial system's prudence prior to the Great Recession, the large exposure to the US remains a huge risk for Canada.

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The composition of the next Senate will not be finalized until December.

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The amount of liabilities the US government has been forced to assume is unprecedented.