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Federal Reserve Policy and Emerging Markets - Thumb 1
14 pages

Emerging market countries that run current account and fiscal deficits are at risk of capital outflows in response to Fed measures that reduce liquidity in the market.

Special Report-Has Asia Decoupled From Itself - Thumb 1
20 pages

The days of equivalent growth within advanced and developing Asia (outside China, Japan, and India) are a thing of a past.

Part-2_When does the deleveraging begin - Thumb 1
14 pages

Despite the fact that the Eurozone is likely to come through this crisis, the need to deleverage dramatically will constrain regional growth during the next half-decade.

Part-1_Report_Fiscal Union or Dissolution - Thumb 1
12 pages

The presence of the ECB is what makes the Eurozone more likely to survive this crisis than to fall apart.

TEC-The Outlook for the Global Economy-September 14, 2012 - Thumb 1
12 pages

The growth outlook for developing economies is still brighter than for advanced economies, but future risks are rising.

5 pages

The increasing affluence of emerging markets is forcing a reshuffling of the traditional global economic order.

No US Double Dip in 2012- Thumb
10 pages

Despite a raft of weak economic indicators in recent months, a variety of underlying trends will prevent the US economy from falling back into another recession.

Where Will US Employment Growth Come From- Thumb
5 pages

Gains in the health care and business services sector will drive employment growth in the US during this recovery.

The Outlook for the Canadian Economy- Thumb
9 pages

The Canadian economy has outperformed the US economy during recent years and should continue to do so going forward.

Will the Federal Reserve Avoid Another Round of QE- Thumb
9 pages

Japanese monetary policy could be significantly easier while the Fed could avoid a third round of quantitative easing provided certain events occur.

Africa-The Year Ahead in Politics and Economics-Indaba Speech-Feb 2012- Thumb
4 pages

Sub-Saharan Africa's improved growth performance is being driven by much more than just commodity prices

Special Report- How Chinas Economic Rise Is Changing Global Commodity Markets- Thumb
19 pages

The increasing prominence of China in global commodity markets is forcing traditional powers to answer difficult questions.

How Eurozone Rebalancing Could Lead to the Euro Unraveling By Mark Zoff-Monthly Report_11-2011- Thumb
1 page

If the periphery decides that deleveraging and disinflationary--or deflationary--conditions is too high a cost to regain competitiveness, they could leave the EMU.

The Outlook for the Canadian Economy.pdf- Thumb
9 pages

Canada's outperformance of the US economy during the past three years is owed in large part to its avoidance of the excesses that plagued the US in the pre-GFC era.

David Hale Indaba Speech-The State of the World.pdf- Thumb
14 pages

Robust commodity prices, Chinese interest, and improved political governance have helped drive a strong growth rate in Sub-Saharan Africa during recent years.