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Regardless of the exact contours of the final fiscal cliff deal that is struck, fiscal drag will constrain US growth during 2013.

OCTOBER MONTHLY REPORT-Still Muddling Through-Will Innovative Monetary Policy Revive the Global Economy? - Thumb 1
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Limp growth in major economies has forced central bankers to pursue unconventional forms of easing as they face the zero lower-bound constraint.

August Monthly Report-Can the US Economy Regain Momentum - Thumb 1
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Growth disappointed across most regions through the mid-point of 2012.

2012_Monthly Report_June Monthly Report-A-Global-Precession-_Page_01
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East Asia and Australia are bucking broader weakness prevailing throughout the major economic actors in the global economy.

May Monthly Report-The World Desynchronizes- Thumb
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Europe is finding it increasingly hard to extricate itself from its debt crisis and poor growth performance.

March Monthly Report-US Growth-The Direction Is Positive- Thumb
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Sentiment about the US economy is improving as concerns about the European economy grow larger.

Is Three Percent US Growth on the Horizon- Thumb
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The Chinese economy will experience a soft landing during the year ahead while US growth should accelerate.

Monthly Report-Will European Turbulence Slow US Growth-November 2011- Thumb
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Europe is headed towards a new recession as US and Japanese growth stabilizes in positive, if uninspiring, territory.

Monthly Report-Indian Summer-October 2011- Thumb
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The US will avoid a new recession, but Europe will not be so lucky.

Monthly Report-A Crisis of Confidence- Thumb
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Uncertainty is running rampant across almost every region of the world during the third quarter.

Monthly Report-Will the Falling Stock Market Produce a US Recession- Thumb
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The US, China, and Japan are growing swiftly while turbulence emerges in Europe.

Monthly Report-Summer_Doldrums-07-18-11- Thumb
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Government policies are increasing the risk level across most major economies.

Monthly Report-Could There Be a Double Dip in the US - Thumb 1
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Lull in US growth should prove temporary.

Monthly Report-How Will the US Economy Cope with Fiscal Drag in 2012-04-28-11.pdf- Thumb
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Fiscal policy concerns are dominating the discussion in the US and Europe.

Monthly Report-Will Oil Prices Stop the Global Recovery.pdf- Thumb
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Inflation concerns arise in China as oil price risks bubble up throughout the world because of the Arab Spring.