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As central banks cut interest rates, the risk of a currency war has increased.

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The US stands alone as a source of strength among major economies heading into 2015.

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Growth weakness in most major economies is ensuring that global monetary policy will be accommodative for quite some time

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Weakness in Europe and Japan is increasing the likelihood that monetary policy will be eased further in both areas in the coming months.

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The US economy will bounce back during the second quarter due to strong employment gains and confident businesses.

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Concerns about the potential contagion effects of a weak real estate market in China are coming to the forefront.

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Stronger-than-expected job gains have made it more likely than not that the Fed will start tapering QE3 at its next meeting.

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After surprising markets by deferring the decision to taper its QE3 program, weak economic data could mean that the Fed won't start the process until early 2014.

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It looks increasingly likely that the Eurozone's recent return to growth will be sustained going forward.

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While global growth in 2013 is set to be broadly similar to growth in 2012, growth should accelerate in 2014.

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Japanese growth prospects have improved dramatically during recent months on the back of regime changes in the government and at the BOJ.

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Despite Chinese growth continuing to slow down on a trend basis, other Asian economies should grow strongly during 2013.