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Chinas Interest Rate Move- Dramatic Action to Maintain the Status Quo.pdf- Thumb
3 pages

The large size of China's recent interest rate cut was in no small part a preventative measure to minimize the fall out from the Global Financial Crisis.

Market Shock-Congress Rejects the Paulson Plan.pdf- Thumb
4 pages

Congress' rejection of the Paulson bailout plan forced dramatic reactions from governments around the world and raises concerns about further large equity losses.

Have Index Funds Increased the Oil Price.pdf- Thumb
10 pages

Various fundamental factors all point to the oil price declining in the near future.

Rescuing Zimbabwe.pdf- Thumb
2 pages

Robert Mugabe's actions and policies have inflicted a tremendous amount of pain on the Zimbabwean people, and he must be removed as soon as possible.

A Brief Update on the Global Economy.pdf- Thumb
3 pages

Buoyant commodity prices and robust domestic consumption are sustaining strong growth rates in the developing world.

Can the Economy Continue to Avoid a Recession.pdf- Thumb
5 pages

Despite a very weak housing market, inflation continues to run higher than desired in the United States.

Can Mr Bernanke Prevent a Recession.pdf- Thumb
5 pages

Turmoil in European and Asian equity markets forced Ben Bernanke to ease aggressively.

A Primer for the Mid-January Markets.pdf- Thumb
2 pages

Market gyrations regarding credit default swaps products is causing turmoil in global equity markets.

Pakistan's Political Crisis 01-03.pdf- Thumb
5 pages

The shocking assassination of Benazir Bhutto will likely result in Pakistani instability for some time to come.

September Surprise.pdf- Thumb
2 pages

Private payroll slowed dramatically as the housing market downturn intensified.

Will Abe's election defea boost Japanse interest rates.pdf- Thumb
4 pages

If Shinzo Abe loses his position as prime minister in upcoming elections, Japanese monetary policy will be more expansionary.

Will the Global Boom Continue.pdf- Thumb
3 pages

Multiple factors have resulted in a period of nearly unprecedented global prosperity, but many risks are present on the horizon.

China's Exchange Rate Policy 07-16-2007.pdf- Thumb
9 pages

Despite lingering memories of forex shortages a decade and a half ago, economic realities will force China to allow its currency to appreciate modestly going forward.

Saving the Korean FTA.pdf- Thumb
2 pages

Should Democrats reject the Korean FTA, it will have tremendously negative consequences for future US influence in East Asia.

Will CDOs Sway the Fed.pdf- Thumb
4 pages

Recent turmoil in the CDO market place has sharpened focus on the threats this instrument poses to the US economy.