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The US economy will be forced to endure the most severe fiscal consolidation in six decades in 2012 if Congress does not take action to avert the looming crisis.

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Ongoing weakness within housing and the public sector make the recent strong job gains unlikely to be sustained.

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The Chinese currency is revaluing more quickly than members of Congress realize.

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The travails of Greece will eventually result in a more harmonized political union to accompany the robust monetary union in Europe.

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The economic prospects in the US and Europe are diverging as an important election approaches in the UK.

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Following a period of unprecedented job losses, US jobs growth is set to begin being positive once again.

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A titan at the Fed is set to step down following many decades of service.

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Concerns about the large current account deficit in the US are overblown.

Tough choices are facing policy makers in Washington as deficits gain increasing prominence.

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With the US prepared to accept its banks engaging in forbearance, President Obama will need to scale back his legislative ambitions due to the ballooning budget deficit.

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Mr. Geithner's wobbles during his early days as Treasury Secretary are raising the possibility that Ben Bernanke could succeed him should his difficulties persist.