Who We Are

Behind David Hale Global Economics is a geographically diverse network comprised of the world’s leading independent macro and micro economists, industry analysts and researchers, compiling, sifting and synthesizing essential information into meaningful insights.

Throughout, this in-depth analysis is overlaid with a deep understanding of history, context and judgement for which David Hale is renowned.

With his encyclopedic knowledge of world markets, his 35-year track record as one of the world’s leading macroeconomists, and his vast network of contacts at the highest levels of government in key jurisdictions, David Hale brings to client companies that deep understanding, candidly expressed.

It is this that underscores everything we do at David Hale Global Economics, and we do it apolitically, with honesty and integrity.

Our Core Team

David Hale is a Chicago-based global economist whose clients include asset management companies in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. He is the founding chairman of David Hale Global Economics. He formerly worked as chief economist for Kemper Financial Services and Zurich Financial Services. He advised the groups on both the economic outlook and a wide range of public policy issues until 2002, when he founded his own consultancy.

Director of Research

Mark Zoff is director of research for David Hale Global Economics. His research specialties include econometric forecasting, growth accounting analysis, and exchange rate structures. He has written about topics as varied as the outlook for global infrastructure, US consumption and wage trends, Asian growth dynamics, and the European Monetary Union. He has contributed to the expansion of the firm’s bespoke research practice, and has worked at the firm for the past seven years. He is a 2006 graduate of Northwestern University. He also received his MS degree from the University of Minnesota in Applied Economics in 2014.

Director of Marketing & Client Services
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Ms. Zhan is primarily responsible for marketing and client services at David Hale Global Economics. She also manages consulting and business development projects that are related to China. She has over twenty years of experience working with multinational companies with business interests in China. In the early 1990s, Ms. Zhan worked for the Industrial Bank of Japan in Guangzhou, China, responsible for conducting marketing research projects in Southern China in order to provide investment advice to its corporate headquarters. Ms. Zhan came to the U.S. in 1995 to pursue graduate studies, and joined Thrace Investments.

Analyst & Consultant
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Mark Roeder is an Australian analyst and writer who focuses on the powerful technological undercurrents that are reshaping the modern world. He examines how these forces affect economics, society, and culture. Roeder’s books and articles include “The Big Mo: Why Momentum Rules Our World” and” Unnatural Selection: Why the Geeks Will Inherit the Earth”. Roeder has worked as a senior executive at UBS Bank, Zurich Financial Services and Westpac Bank in London, New York, Sydney and Zurich. Roeder holds a masters degree in business and technology from the University of New South Wales.