There are three ways in which David Hale Global Economics assists you make better decisions, faster:

  1. Research
  2. Speaking Engagements
  3. Strategic Advisory.


For policy-makers, for business leaders, for asset, risk and investment managers, for foundations and high-net worth individual investors, David Hale Global Economics research provides an actionable forecast for the global economy from which investment decisions can be made. It is economic research that is refreshingly accessible and illuminating for non-specialists.

Speaking Engagements

With an ability to distill complex economic issues and relate them to both current geopolitical conditions and economic history, David Hale is a surprisingly refreshing keynote for a wide variety of corporate and industry conferences.

David Hale is a sought after speaker as much for the value of content delivered, as he is a charismatic entertainer, a consummate teller of stories, shedding light on the who and why behind the headlines, and what it means for the future of a company, an industry, a country.

Strategic Advisory

As advisor to presidents and prime ministers, confidant of treasurers, and peer of central bankers and policy-makers, the circles in which David Hale moves is a world foreign to most, but provides a unique vantage point from which to read the signals and messages between the lines of official spin, that empowers his excellent forecasting record.

For a select few, David Hale is personally available as an economic advisor. Contracting David Hale with industry or geographic exclusivity, brings to your management team the best economic and business intelligence available, along with direct access to a unique and enviable network of government and business leaders, worldwide.